• 100 Miles of Amsterdam

    door: Daan
    22 december 2015

    A celebration of the durability of pre-war cars. Artworks and (for the time) technical masterpieces that have survived for generations and are drenched in history. All released on a dark December night in a decoor of medieval squares, canals and dikes around and in Amsterdam ... That's The 100 Miles of Amsterdam.

  • Ferrari F12 Tour the France

    14 oktober 2015

    Here the intro

  • 25 Years of service

    23 september 2015

    We may proudly congratulate Henry, Mark and Anton with their 25th anniversary at our company. They have been at our (and your) service for 25 years and we sureley expect that a lot of years will follow! We thank them for their commitment and loyal service. 

  • Prins on Wings, Wheels & Goggles

    11 mei 2015

    20 - 21 June

    Wings, Wheels & Goggles, a unique event at Teuge airport. Main act is 'The Great Race', a unique rally between teams with open prewar classic cars and planes! Outside the rally there at the airport is plenty to do and see. There is an air show of the famous Breitling Whing Walkers and a prewar-car sprint.

  • Flaminia GT road trip to Sweden

    13 oktober 2014

    Christer is feeling pleased with himself. He almost bought a Lancia Appia Zagato, were it not for the fact that the Italian on Sicily had a change of heart at the last moment. After which, his gaze then fell on a Flaminia GT. A magnificent car that was still relatively affordable. He found a complete, original Flaminia GT 2.5 3C from the first owner in our showroom. A viewing eventually became a pleasant stay of 4 days and a road trip to Sweden in a stunning vintage Italian car.

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