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Export Services

Along with having a detailed knowledge of our new, pre-owned and classic cars, our staff also has an extensive knowledge about in- and exporting cars. Concerning the export documents we can make sure you can easily get back to your destination with the right documents, worldwide. Because prices can vary from country to country, please inform us in advance to which country you like to export your vehicle so we can estimate the price for the documents. Prices quoted on the website are exportprices excluding luxury tax and not valid in the Netherlands. To inform u about the required exportdocuments, please tell us if you like to drive the car to it’s destination or if you will pick it up by trailer. When you will be driving the car we can provide all the required documents.
Any questions? Please contact us at:
Tel: +31 341 25 70 14
E-mail: info@wimprins.nl

Export Licence
The export license is the most important document if you would like to export a vehicle. This document is used as a proof that the vehicle is registered for export. The vehicle is not allowed to drive on public roads anymore without export license plates. 

Export Licence Plates
If you like to drive the vehicle back to your destination, export license plates (valid 14 or 30 days) and a vehicle insurance are required. 

International insurance Card
Besides the export license an insurance card is also required. We can provide u a 14 or 30 days insurance card. You can use the international insurance card with optionally road assistance troughout Europe. The international insurance card includes a liability insurance.

EA-X Customs Document If you are going to register the vehicle outside of the European Union you require an EA-X customs document, which is being stamped at the EU border. This document proves that you exported the vehicle outside the European Union and you will be able to buy the vehicle at 0% VAT. Please let us know which border post you intend to pass if you leave the European Union because it has to be included in the EA-X document.