Maserati Bora

Maserati Bora

4.9 | Matching Numbers
47.269 km

Maserati Bora 4.9 Oro Kelso.

Exclusively available at Prins Classics: a fabulously beautiful 1973 Maserati Bora with matching numbers. The original Maserati exterior color is included, as well as a fully overhauled 4.9 liter V8 engine (one of only 275!). Bonus: the Bora is in excellent condition from the in- and outside and has only driven few kilometers. Yes, we also needed some time to realize that this is not a dream. But a dream car.


The sparkling Bora on your screen is one of the first that was delivered new in the USA. This is actually a big advantage since the car has 4.9 liters of engine capacity instead of the standard 4.7 liters the early European versions had. Eventually every Bora was fitted with the larger 4.9 V8.
The beautiful Oro Kelso bodywork lacquer is the same color the Bora initially had back in 1973. Nevertheless, a (temporary) change was made in 1980: the exterior was turned into red by order of the owner at that moment. The beige seats were removed too, in return for original black Maserati seats. In 1989 the precious trident came into the hands of a Swiss man. He completely restored the bodywork, bringing back the immaculate, original condition. Including the champagne brown factory color. He could live with the black seats though. We can totally understand why!


To you the Maserati looks more like a prototype than a series-produced classic? There’s a reason for that. At the time the Bora was ready for production in 1971, the differences between the latest version and the 1969 concept car were minimal. A great compliment to Giorgio Giugiaro; he designed the supercar for ItalDesign.
As always, Giorgio’s signature was very clear. The extraordinary profile, sharp lines and many striking details are typical Giugiaro: astonishing. The bodywork is truly unique with its extravagant, almost extraterrestrial appearance. At the same time it’s very gentle, due to the graceful and natural ‘flow’. How beautifully one part flows into the other, that can only be drawn of by one person. The condition of the Oro Kelso lacquer is absolutely amazing. The color is chic and stylish, and above all original Maserati, as the manufacturer confirmed to us. It suits the progressively designed Bora remarkably good. In fact, it’s the contrast that makes this specific Bora timelessly beautiful. And as far as we are concerned, completely perfect!


Just like the design, the Bora is far ahead when it comes to technology. Of course, there’s the bigger V8-engine. But that’s not all. Innovative features such as a hydraulically driven pedal cluster and an extensively adjustable steering wheel refer to the involvement and specialty of Citroën: the owner of Maserati at that time. Excellent isolation (including a double rear window for less engine noise in the interior) and a luxurious finish created a comfort that was miles away from competitors. In terms of performance, the 4.9 V8 feels like an uncompromising supercar, but the way the Bora moves rapidly, is more like a great GT.
All invoices together have an estimated value of approximately 90,000 euros (!); the confirmation that the Maserati has had the best maintenance in years of few kilometers and many standstills. We cannot think of any better reason ...

Kind regards,
Prins Classics